Do More. – Making More of Valentine’s Day

18 Feb


Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, it’s time to think of how to get Valentine’s Day to its full potential!

Although the essence of Valentine’s Day was created by Hallmark long ago, and helped them sell more cards, like Luke Skywalker said to Darth Vader, “there is good in you” Valentine’s Day. At the “heart” of Valentine’s Day is a desire to honor love, to find love and to give/share love with others, but why save it for once a year? Shouldn’t we DoMore to show people we love them all year? It can be as simple as letting them know you’re thinking of them every so often.

Even if you don’t agree and would rather save your energy for assigned times, you might want to do it in different ways.

Do it differently: As I was doing research on some ideas, I found an interesting  way to celebrate Valentine’s Day  called “Generosity Day.” It was founded by SASHA DICHTER, the Chief Innovation Officer of the non-profit Acumen Fund and two of his friends. Seems like a good idea. 

Generosity Day:

What are some of the things you’ve done for someone you love outside of Valentine’s Day? Here are some fun things I’ve done and try to do on an on-going basis:

  • Chocolate: Bring chocolate truffles from the local shop near where I work or chocolate chip ice cream for my wife at random times during the year because I know she loves it
  • Greek Pastries: Send my dad his favorite dessert (galaktoboureko) from the pastry shop he’s been going to since before I was born (but can’t anymore since he lives 500 miles away) and shipping it to him (Lefkos Pyrgos in Astoria)
  • Souvenirs: Get my mom a souvenir whenever I travel internationally

What are some fun ways that you’ve expressed your love to someone outside of Valentine’s Day? Share with us and others to inspire them to DoMore!




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